Sixfootfour is a business management consultancy with a determination to do ‘what’s right’ for its clients.

Fast results – we analyse business processes (with quantifiable metrics) and provide improvement solutions to increase the bottom line in less than half the time compared to traditional consultants. The results are auditable and case studies and references show the substantial financial benefits accruing from our projects.

Effective approach – we combine our client’s staff knowledge of the problem and the solution with our understanding of business processes to produce significant and sustainable improvements.

Cost effective – we do not believe in charging high rates because just because we can. Rather we prefer to have a good group of clients that we work with over a long period of time to deliver mutually profitable outcomes to both companies.

Implementation know how – we provide ‘on-the-floor’ coaching and support to ensure the benefits are realised, sustainable and repeatable.

Our tools and methodology enable us to quickly identify substantial cost savings without the need to swamp our clients with numerous consultants.

If you are looking to engage with a boutique consultancy that provides auditable value, works with your people and does what it says it will, then we need to talk.

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